• The length of the vessel is 51.7 meter

  • Gross tonnage of the vessel is 564 Ton

  • The MFV Torsver is a pursein vessel

  • The name is derived from the method of catching. The fish are caught in a circular motion with the net closing like a “purse”

  • The vessel catch fish for freezing purposed, meaning human consumption, as well as fish for fish meal processing.

  • For fresh fish the vessel needs to cool down the fish in the 9 holding tanks on the vessel. Sea water is cooled down to a temperature of -1°C.

  • The vessel can carry up to 330 tons of fish for human consumption.

  • For fish meal processing, the vessel do not need to cool down the fish. The vessel can carry up to 650 Ton for this process

  • The MFV Torsver can catch the full capacity in 1 action. The net can take up to 600 ton at a time.

  • The fish is pumped out of the net into the vessel.

  • On board the vessel the fish are de-watered. This means that the warm sea water are strained from the fish through a de-watering screen onboard the vessel.

  • The fish are distributed into 9 separate fish hold on the vessel. 

  • The vessel is powered with a Wichmann engine

  • The power 2100 Hp

  • The maximum speed of the vessel is 11.5 knots. (1 knot equals 1,853 km/hour)

  • Year build 1965