• The MFV Krossfjord are the biggest vessel in our fleet

  • The length is 50,59 meter

  • Gross tonnage of the vessel is 1449 Ton

  • The catching capacity varies from 300 ton up to 1000 tons/day

  • This all depends on weather as well as the nature. The norm is to catch not more than 300 ton at a time in the net. Sometimes the fishing is good. One single trawl can be 450 ton.

  • The fish is pumped from the net into the vessel and distributed into 9 separate holds on the vessel. These hold are cooled down with a RSW system.

  • RSW is the abbreviation for Refrigerated Sea Water. Clean sea water is cooled down with a refrigeration system on the vessel to a temperature of -1,6 °C

  • The fish are pumped into this cold water to keep it fresh until it can be processed at the land based Horse Mackerel Factory at Gendev

  • The vessel can carry up to 1200 Ton fish in the 9 holds.

  • The vessel is powered with a Wartzila engine

  • The power 6300 Hp

  • The maximum speed of the vessel is 17knots. (1 knot equals 1,853 km/hour)

  • Year build 1997